3 Health Benefits of Yoga for Polycystic Ovary Syndrom

3 Health Benefits of Yoga for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome


It was developed thousands of years ago. It is a type of holistic medicine that connects the body, mind, and the spirit. Yoga improves strength, balance and flexibility, but also the ability to be mindful.

Women suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome ( PCOS) are encouraged to participate in every day exercises to balance hormones and control glucose as well as blood sugar levels. Both aerobic and strength (weight) exercises for training have been proven to help women suffering from PCOS. The latest research has challenged this view with regards to the health benefits of yoga in improving hormones, anxiety, menstrual cycles , as well as metabolic indicators in women suffering from PCOS more so than standard exercises.


There are three amazing benefits of yoga to health for women who suffer from PCOS.

1.Reduces Anxiety

People who regularly practice it have heard about the advantages of yoga in alleviating stress and anxiety. Yoga can bring peace to the mind. There is evidence to suggest that yoga can reduce anxiety and stress through altering the sympathetic nerve.

The anxiety of women suffering from PCOS and yoga can provide an effective, non-invasive therapy for women suffering from PCOS to manage their. The study that was published in International Journal of Yoga discovered that a 12-week whole-body yoga program for adolescent girls suffering from PCOS is significantly superior to the physical training program for alleviating anxious symptoms. 

2.Improves Hormones

There is evidence that yoga’s benefits go beyond reducing anxiety among women suffering from PCOS to enhancing the sexual hormones and controlling menstrual cycles. The study in journal of alternative and Complementary Medicine found that adolescents who suffer from PCOS who took part in a comprehensive yoga program that included one hour of daily yoga during 12 weeks saw significant improvements in mullein hormone, the luteinising hormone (LH) and testosterone, more than physical exercise. Yoga-loving girls who took part every day also experienced an improvement in menstrual cycle frequency. 


3.Improves Metabolic Markers

It is believed that yoga may also have an impact in reducing insulin levels and cholesterol levels for women with PCOS. Yoga has been found to be superior to conventional physical exercises for increasing lipid, glucose and insulin resistance in adolescent girls suffering from PCOS who were practising various forms of yoga every day. 

3.Yoga has many advantages to women suffering from PCOS and is certainly worthwhile even if you’ve never tried it before. Yoga can be practised anytime and at cost. There are a variety of kinds of yoga, ranging from easy to more intense exercises. Hatha and Vinyasa yoga could be for those who are new to yoga as it is easy and incorporates the fundamental yoga postures, however Ashtanga as well as Bikram yoga, a form of exercise which is performed in a heated area might be better suited for experienced yogis.

Tips for Beginners

  • Beware of eating a big breakfast right before class.
  • Drink plenty of water prior to, during, and following class.
  • Bring comfortable clothing and your yoga mat.
  • Don’t be afraid to inform your teacher that you’re a beginner.
  • Be sure to arrive early for class and find a class you feel most comfortable in. you.
  • You can perform the poses at your own speed.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance.