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Dr Alifia Cementwala


Dr Alifia Cementwala

Dr Alifia Cementwala Senior Physiotherapist

BSc. , DPT , CMP, FOMT(Aus)

With 24 years of profound experience in Physiotherapy, Dr Alifia believes in providing personalized care to each patient’s unique needs. Her philosophy is to minimize surgery and drugs wherever possible to allow the body to heal through exercise and osteopathy.

She specializes in providing quality care in Physiotherapy, Osteopathic and Chiropractic Manipulation.

Dr Alifia offers various treatment plans depending on the root cause of the pain, and believes in providing methods of healing that give quick and everlasting results.

Her treatment methods start from thorough evaluation of posture which leads to many body anomalies. For post-operative cases, she focuses on not only making the patient pain-free, but also makes sure that no after-care is missed out upon for further damage or incomplete recovery.

Dr. Alifia has been practising Physiotherapy since 1998 and can fluently speak in English, Hindi, Gujarati. She has worked with numerous renowned hospitals, several well-known orthopedic doctors and myriads of patients from all age groups in her 24 year long journey. Her treatments are designed individual based, specifically to offer healing of Mind, Body and You.

Her Expertise

Dr. Alifia specializes in advanced physiotherapy and offers various treatments such as Manipulation Therapy, Sports Injury and Management, Posture Consultation, Spine Rehabilitation, Kineisology and Sports Taping, Physiotherapy taping, Physiotherapy exercises, Biomechanical analysis, Sports physiotherapy, Proprioception & balance exercises, Brace or support, Electrotherapy & local modalities, Joint mobilisation techniques, Dry needling.

She also provides rehabilitation, Strength exercises, Supportive taping & strapping, TENS machine, Physiotherapy for stiffness & pain, back pain, cervical pain, sciatica, Physiotherapy for rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, paralysis, Postnatal Physiotherapy, Physical Therapy after hip/knee replacement, tennis elbow, golf elbow, sprains, strains, muscle cramp, fatigue/over training syndrome, Exercise prescription, Electro therapy (I.F.T.-T.E.N.S.-ULTRASONIC-SWD-MST).

Over and above, she is also a Chiropractor and Osteopath (Aus) with several years of experience in treatment and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, specially the spine; and manipulation of the body’s muscle tissue and bones.

She also offers the latest technologies available in India, such as Matrix Therapy(German) and Laser Therapy, for quick results, depending on patient’s need and care.

Physiotherapy at Swakaya

Dr Alifia brings her skilful proficiency and immense experience in physiotherapy to Swakaya. Her vision, similar to ours, is to ensure holistic wellness, quick results and a pain free life through healing for all her patients.