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About Us

About Us


We are here to help you find the healing you seek!

Swakaya, a wellness hub for Naturopathy and Alternative Therapies, began with an individual’s zeal for creating a place where holistic health was a priority and not a luxury. Ms Lipi Khemka, in her search for healing, stumbled on this need-gap of the current healing alternatives available in the industry and the specific requirements of someone who is in need of healing. She set on the journey of making a proper and unfaltering healing process accessible to all those who required it. Thus, Swakaya was born.

Physical health, mental peace and holistic wellbeing together form the cornerstones of a happy and long life. The imbalance in any of these caused by ailments, health conditions, traumas and more needs be addressed rightly. With treatment methods and therapies that help you heal completely, you can not just augment your health but also your external experiences.

At Swakaya, we put together the essence of natural healing with ancient wisdom and modern therapies. The perfect blend of Naturotherapy and Alternative Therapies at Swakaya brings to you the best of both worlds. As the natural process does wonders for you from within, our professionals treat your body and ailments, driving you towards a healthy lifestyle. We harness the innate potential of mind and body to ensure your complete wellness. We enable more than just healing; we are here to enable a healthy life through several lifestyle changes.

Fusing the healing mantras of several authentic therapies, including Natural Healing, Ayurveda, Physiotherapy, Yoga, Acupuncture and more, we offer you a wholesome wellness package at Swakaya. Our health experts perform these therapies who ensure comfort, relaxation, and hygiene for all who visit Swakaya.

Our therapies are designed to go beyond curing and addressing your immediate health issues. At the heart of all our practices lies your overall wellness. We help you concentrate on simple habits like breathing cycles, sleep and more, to ensure you are always happy, healthy and at peace in your mind and body. Our eco-friendly, pleasant healing environment helps you rejuvenate and relax, which improves your sleep cycle and slows down your ageing process.

With carefully tailored treatment plans for every patient, Swakaya’s wellness packages leverage the goodness of nature to offer a holistic health approach for your lifelong wellbeing. Every individual’s needs and body type vary, and our therapies ensure that our healing processes are designed to maximise effectiveness for you.

Always remember, our bodies are temples, and in order to worship them rightly, we need to focus on every part. Healing begins from within. Let health always be your priority; happiness will follow!


Our aim is simple – Your health comes first. To achieve this motto, we help you harness the energy and potential within you and nature through our therapies to ensure holistic and lifelong wellbeing.

We focus on your body and mind’s capacity to heal itself!


Lipi Khemka, is a profound leader and entrepreneur with more than 22 years of work experience  in Business Management. She is central to all our processes, therapies and is ‘All Things Business” at Swakaya. Her vision is to help people find their way to the inner self and holistic health.

Her Story

The journey of Swakaya began with Ms. Khemka’s personal experiences with the therapies. She found a way to a stress-free life through healing therapies. Having faced various life-altering challenges and strenuously looking for life changing options, she stumbled upon the incredible power of alternative healing therapies and all-encompassing treatment options. 

During her healing journey, Ms. Khemka came across people from various age groups and backgrounds who were dealing with diverse problems – some with their deep-rooted pains while some with emotional & mental traumas they couldn’t address. Many who seeked help & advice were guided by her towards alternative healing. She realised everyone in their lives faces different challenges, health-wise and emotionally, and one solution is never enough to address all the problems. A combination of treatments and healing is the only way to total wellbeing. Usually unaware of this fact, people either never find the solutions they are looking for or give up mid-way. 

When she came across people suffering from different challenges and conditions, she led them to alternative healing treatments and watched as their lives transformed. This further strengthened her belief in these healing therapies. This belief is the keystone of Swakaya. Swakaya began as a holistic wellbeing center with the primary goal of bringing together effective alternative therapies under one roof. 

Ms. Khemka’s focuses especially on the wellness of children. Having witnessed and lived through the Covid 19 pandemic, she has seen the turmoil today’s kids had to go through. Many parents are unable to address and dissipate the impact of this pandemic on their children, especially when they themselves are battling numerous challenges. With Swakaya, she aims to spread awareness as well as help with mental stability, anxiety, stress, uncertainty, etc. and offer a safe & happy place for kids to explore their childhood. In the process, she wishes to bring families together and nurture love, peace, kindness & individual strength, while focusing on the complete wellbeing of each member.

Her Beliefs

Lipi believes that wellness is not about one particular pain or emotion. She states that “Health is about the whole self. Once you connect to your inner self, most of your problems are solved and that is the idea behind Swakaya.”

The 4 pillars of living a happy and carefree life are Complete Wellbeing, Forgiveness, Love & Positivity. Mastering these pillars can not just change people’s life, but also their outlook, which in turn has an ever-lasting impact.


To drive awareness and acceptance of Alternative Healing Therapies across India


  • To drive awareness and acceptance of alternative healing therapies across India

  • To form a team of ingenious experts, who provide a host of alternative therapies all under one roof

  • To provide a personalized experience of our holistic programs for every individual, especially those seeking healing for specific problems, and maximise the effectiveness of our therapies

  • To help the society lead a healthy life through holistic wellness

The Three Circles of Wholesomeness and Growth

A circle is the symbol of wholesomeness, the notions of totality and eternity. The three circles of Swakaya stand for the completeness of peace, health and happiness that ultimately completes You. It is the personification of the holistic approach we take in all our therapies and processes.
Representing evolution, the circle begins nowhere and ends at nothing, symbolising an eternity of wellness and joy. Circles are believed to hold energy that catalyses the cycles of growth. Everything in our cosmos begins and ends in circles and no natural straight lines exist in the universe. Our services, like this energy, drives the cycles of your personal growth with the use of natural elements.

Cyan – The Symbol of a Calm Mind

Cyan is said to be the colour of lagoon waters. The blend of green and blue, it signifies the characteristics of both colors. It invokes the images of calm, crystal clear waters in one’s mind. Inspiring and relaxing, it is a colour that stands for calmness, tranquility, clarity and cleanliness. The Cyan circle in our logo stands for the calm and peace you attain with our healing practices. Shading light on important parts of your thoughts and emotions, we help you focus on the things that bring you happiness and help you address all your problems. The clarity and tranquility that follows is where your mind starts healing, ensuring a healthy and happy mind!

Saffron – The Symbol of Energy and Good Health

There are several colours that bring out the emotions in us, but nothing is as dramatic as orange. The colour of good health, vitality, youth and energy, it is the symbol of an active life we inspire in people. It stimulates not just your energy but also appetite and boosts metabolism. Alongside, Saffron is observed to increase aspirations and the will to socialise in people. Opening your mind to your surroundings, it further boosts your bodily health. It represents our efforts of offering therapies that not just cure your ailments but drive you towards a physically healthy life

Gold – The Symbol of Richness, Warmth and Confidence

Gold is a colour often associated with the emotions of confidence and passion as well as richness and warmth. It is when you are holistically healthy and happy that you can completely focus on your true potential. Driving you towards your passion, it represents the feelings of confidence and warmth that comes from within when you are well in all aspects of life. We offer services that bring you to a full circle and nurture you towards wholesome wellbeing.