Ayurvedic medicine to Increase Concentration

Ayurvedic medicine to Increase Concentration


Are you wondering how to help your child focus, concentrate and be clear? The world today is filled with distractions. There are so many things you can do, listen to, eat and play, as well as learn, experience, and learn from. How can you expect a small child to cope with the constant stream of distractions?

While today’s children have access to the most modern technology, their mental health is in danger. They have access to the internet, video games, and mobile phones 24/7.

The type of food and beverages they consume can add to their problems. The body’s vata is increased by cold foods and drinks, such as ice creams and dairy products. Ayurveda says that a person suffering from an aggravated vata state can cause memory loss. This is why children don’t remember their lessons.

These things should be avoided by your child in order to keep their mental health at its best.

  • Consumption of ice creams, chocolates and dairy products in excess.
  • Chips, cookies, junk food and processed foods like canned and canned foods are all examples.
  • Foods without prana, or life force, such as meats, stale foods or food that has not been freshly prepared.
  • Playing games, or staying up late to watch TV.
  • Excessive use of loud music and stimulant beverages such as tea, coffee, and hot chocolates.

Your child’s memories and Ayurveda

Ayurveda can have a lasting and safe impact on your child’s mental health. It improves memory and mental performance. The sense organs are responsible for mental health and a healthy mind. These include awareness, attention, concentration and retention. Poor memory and IQ can be caused by many factors in Ayurveda. These could include malnutrition or chemical imbalances in brain functions. This could be either physiological or influenced with drugs and antibodies. Memory problems are caused by vitiated kapha doesha. This causes a dull mind, disinterest in the world and can lead to memory problems. A vitiated vata can cause stress and confusion which can result in the loss of knowledge and memory. Vata is responsible all nervous functions, including memory.

Balanced vata/kapha is essential to improve your child’s ability to remember. Balanced vata and kapha can enhance memory, while a balanced pitta doesha plays a significant role in increasing mental sharpness and IQ.

You can help your child have a healthy mind and body by instilling the right habits and eating habits early.

Memory enhancement with Ayurvedic herbs

Brahmi: Since the beginning, Brahmi was a brain tonic. It increases brain power and sharpens the memory. Brahmi was an ancient Ayurvedic herb that scholars and students used to aid in the memorising of long Vedic texts. Brahmi’s calming and nurturing qualities make it a great choice for stressful work environments or study environments. This herb is ideal for students, researchers, and academics.

Shankhpushpi – This herb has enormous cognitive benefits and offers tremendous brain benefits. Shankhpushpi is a category called’medhya rasayana’ (Ayurveda) and it is known to be effective in memory boosting. Modern science has confirmed that this herb can improve memory, concentration, and cognitive function. This herb can be used by students to improve memory and relieve exam stress.

Kushmand (White Gourd),: Kushmand is a brain tonic that improves memory. This herb is also useful as a vegetable. It acts as a tranquilizer and can be used to treat schizophrenia, debility, and memory loss.

Vacha: According to Ayurveda, Vacha is a herb that is thought to increase intelligence. It is believed that it improves blood circulation and oxygen supply to the brain. This can lead to improved brain and mind function.