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Counselling Consultation And Support Groups

Counselling, Consultation And Support Groups



Counselling sessions at Swakaya provide a safe, non judgemental and respectful environment. Our therapists give you hope and provide you with a caring and trusting atmosphere. Also, always remember, counselling is for anyone and everyone!

Fees– Rs 1500


Anxiety Armour
Redefine your relationship with anxiety, come join our Support Group. This therapist-led group offers an opportunity to meet people experiencing similar feelings and situations. It is a perfect place to unpack your thoughts and feelings in a safe space and learn coping strategies to manage your anxiety better, with a community of people who ‘get it!’

Holding Hope
Many people are experiencing grief due to this pandemic. Grief is a normal response to loss, during or after a traumatic event or even due to extreme change in routine. Grieving while coping with fear and anxiety related to Covid-19 pandemic can be especially overwhelming. Our therapist-led group aims to bring together people who are struggling to come at terms with loss, to create a sense of closure and to grieve in a safe, non- judgemental community.

Sleep Easy
Does it take you forever to fall asleep? Do you wake up tossing and turning? Are you feeling unrested when you wake up? These may be the signs that you have poor sleep hygiene. You don’t have to deal with this alone. Our therapist-led group helps you set the stage for a sound sleep by learning and practising healthy sleep hygiene habits that encourage better rest, helping you stay refreshed and aware during the day.

Braving Burn Out
Have you been feeling exhausted and drained out for a while? Does this affect your motivation levels at work or in your relationships? Then maybe you are experiencing signs of a burnout. This support group helps you build personal strength, enables you to reach out for further help and learn about coping strategies.

Fees– Rs 3000

Slots: Once a week
(Group and Individual Sessions)
*The first session with the counselor to be online