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Dr. Supriya Chhajed-Lalwani


Dr. Supriya Chhajed-Lalwani

A Naturopathist and Acupuncturist by education, Dr. Supriya’s specialisation lies in Acupuncture and pain management. With 17 years of diverse experience, she has treated numerous patients for several kinds of ailments including allergies, chronic pains, depression and more.

How It All Began

Supriya has aspired to be a doctor and help people live a healthy life from her early childhood. What made her choose this particular field was her personal experience through ailment and pain. As a kid, she had developed a severe infection which hampered her everyday movements and chores. Looking for solutions and treatments in allopathy for a long time, she started understanding the side effects of modern medication.

Supriya finally found relief through acupuncture and naturotherapy in merely 15 days of being introduced to them. Her fascination for this non-invasive healing method and natural treatments led her to pursue her career in acupuncture.

She is a qualified Naturopath with specialisation in acupuncture. She has worked with numerous renowned hospitals, several well-known clubs and myriads of patients from all age groups in her 17-year long journey. In addition, she is an active member of the Acupuncture Science Association.

Supriya is also proactive in helping people understand the benefits and making them aware of natural & holistic healing. For the past 8 years, she practices individually at her personal clinic – Newlife Holistic Centre, guiding people towards pain-free and holistically healthy life.

She believes that the best path to wellbeing is to heal your own body with your own energies.

Her Prowess

Supriya specialises in every application and benefit that acupuncture has to offer. She has mastered in offering pain management solutions and through it, complete wellness to her patients. Her treatments are designed individual-specifically to offer healing of Mind, Body and You.

Apart from pain management, Supriya has been instrumental in helping people find solutions for their problems with conceiving, metabolism, cosmetics and more. She has treated patients with conditions of migraine, sinusitis, depression, anxiety as well as stress.

Through the alignment of chakras and energies, she has facilitated emotional, mental and physical well being for numerous people across Pune.

Extraordinary Cases

Chronic pain management cases handled by Supriya have brought in life-changing experiences to her. One such patient was suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia, a chronic neurological condition. Looking for a permanent cure for her condition for a long period of time, she found none in allopathy. They approached Supriya, who helped the little girl not just find her cure but recover completely in merely 15 sittings through acupuncture.

Acupuncture at Swakaya

Supriya brings her skillful proficiency and immense experience in acupuncture to Swakaya. Her vision, similar to ours, is to ensure holistic wellness through natural healing for all her patients.