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Dr. Vrushali B. Sarode


Dr. Vrushali B. Sarode


Certification in Positive Psychology - University of Pennsylvania

Doctor. Psychotherapist. Life and Holistic Wellness Coach. Face Yoga instructor.

About her

Her journey into emotional wellness began at an early age thanks to her father who is her major life influence and a reputed Psychiatrist in Pune. She was raised in an environment where she was introduced to Psychology, Spirituality and Personal Growth from an early age. Throughout her life, she sought refuge in these 3 pillars whenever she faced any challenges.

Having worked in the field of Health and Wellness and Psychology for the past 8 years she realized the importance of intentional living and consciously creating a balanced life in the now in order to prevent physical and mental ailments in the future.

With her warm and compassionate nature friendly approach and positive energy she's here to motivate, support and guide you and hold you accountable for the changes that you wish to bring to your life.

She offers one on one life coaching and counseling sessions to empower you to achieve your goals and also conducts self development workshops.

She has created a series of interactive workshops to educate and implement healthy behaviors and actions that bring you closer to your dream life.

Her workshops are based on her research in modern science, positive psychology, ancient eastern wisdom, western philosophy and spirituality.

She also conducts workshops on Face Yoga, Gentle Full body stretches and Guided meditations and affirmations that help nourish your body, mind and soul.

Expertise -

1. She takes you on a journey of inner exploration and self discovery with her reflective and interactive sessions. You'll be given live exercises that aid you to understand yourself and your needs better and gain a deeper clarity.

2. She helps you cultivate a positive mindset and raise your self awareness.

3. Healing with personalized guided meditations and affirmations.

3. Topics of Interest -

Self Love, Self Acceptance and Self Care Positive Psychology Relationship Coaching Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Self -Confidence Goal setting Time Management Relaxation Therapies Positive thinking and healthy lifestyle.