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Jahan Daruwalla


Jahan Daruwalla

Jahan Daruwalla holds a Diploma in Ayurveda and Yoga from Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth and a Masters in Philosophy from Pune University. He has keen interest in Oriental studies and holds certificates from the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute (B.O.R.I) in Pune. He teaches yoga at workshops, retreats and has done residential courses under Father Joe Pereira at Kripa Foundation in Goa.

How It All Began

As a B. Com. graduate, Jahan worked in several vocations in an array of fields such as filmmaking, marketing and business. This was a turbulent period in his life as he was completely unaware of his calling. Turning to yoga for some back problems, Jahan fell in love with the art. He went ahead to pursue a Diploma in Ayurveda and Yoga from Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth University to understand the anatomy better, and to have a sound know-how about Ayurveda. He believes that Ayurveda is an important extension of yoga and through it, he can add more value to his offerings.

Further following his zeal, he began his career with an opportunity to assist yoga teachers. He grew proficient in using props, the structure of sequencing and passive power of asanas. There was no looking back from there. Jahan is today a remarkable yoga teacher with profound knowledge in applications of yoga. He has worked with people of all age groups and guided them towards a healthy way of life.

His Prowess and Specialisation

Jahan believes that he is yet another postman delivering the package that is yoga. But he doesn’t wish to be just another generic postman, delivering the same messages of weight loss, mindfulness and fitness. He wants to be a postman who curates the best packages for different people, the one who will deliver an experience, instead of a generic weight loss message, one who would use all the tools available to deliver and curate a unique package which can be useful to all.

His way of teaching, practicing and application of Yoga is exceptional and distinguishing. He doesn’t just focus on the physical postures, but also the peace and relaxation of mind. Using props, music and more, Jahan curates an experience that helps offer lifelong health.

He specialises in teaching subtle adjustments and techniques which bring about profound organic, psychological and metabolic benefits to individuals without any serious medical ailment. Jahan’s strengths lie in dealing with symptoms of certain conditions such as stress/anxiety, lethargy and low metabolic rate, irritability/anger, recuperation/rejuvenation and more.

He is also very adept in introducing breath work in both active as well as restorative postures. Jahan believes that the deeper understanding and control of breathing cycles is the key to both relaxation and rejuvenation. Through this, he sets the foundation for Pranayama in your practice.

Ultimately, the final goal of his Yoga programs is to cultivate mindfulness. This helps bring the attitude of Yoga off the mat and in your day to day lifestyle, laying the cornerstones of lifelong health.

Yoga at Swakaya

Jahan brings in his experience and expertise to craft pleasant experiences for his students through Yoga at Swakaya. Personalised sessions for individuals as well as group sessions designed by him offer wellbeing in mind, body and soul through Yoga.