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Chronic Pain Management

Chronic Pain Management



Our wellness solutions under BODY refer to the therapies for physical ailments and conditions of your body. Your physical health comprises of seamless movements between the bones, muscles & joints, a pain-free experience while performing everyday activities and optimum wellbeing of every part of your body. When this health is disturbed, it affects your daily life and gradually evolves into a lifestyle that may worsen several existing conditions or lead to new ones. Therefore, finding solutions through treatments and therapies is essential to facilitate a cure for your problems and lead a healthy life through necessary changes in lifestyle.

To help you find permanent and effective healing, Swakaya brings to you a complete solution for lifelong wellbeing.


What is Chronic Pain?

From common injuries to severe conditions like paralysis, every person experiences pain in their day-to-day life. Pain is our body’s way of telling us things are not right. Chronic pain is a prolonged, persistent pain that lasts for weeks, months & years. On the other hand, pain caused by sudden accidents or several common illnesses that can be treated in a short time is acute pain.

Various genetic conditions that you possess since birth, several ailments that develop with age, and certain accidents or conditions that leave a lasting effect on your body lead to chronic pain. Some of the chronic conditions include hypertension, back pains, migraine, arthritis and more. Several treatments in modern medicine and allopathy for these chronic conditions lead to lifelong dependency on several medications. We, at Swakaya, bring expert treatment solutions not just to treat your ailments but to help you lead a pain-free life!

Holistic Treatments using Alternative Healing Solutions

“Don’t let pain curb your movements. Let your movements curb the pain.”

Swakaya offers specific, mixed and complete treatment plans for chronic pain management. The human body is an amalgamation of various systems that enable us to perform our everyday activities efficiently. All these systems are vital for us to function, and even a small imbalance in the tiniest part of any of these systems may lead to pain, discomfort and ailments.

We bring to you specially curated programs that offer a non-invasive path to healing of acute as well as chronic conditions without the use of allopathy medications. Our alternative healing therapy plans are tailor-designed for every individual to address the source of every problem. With expertly certified professionals and ingenious healers, we help you find your way towards a pain-free life. They come with years of experience and an excellent know-how about various ailments to help you find the solutions you are looking for.

Treatments for your chronic pain is the first step. Then, through our healing therapies, we ensure you maintain a healthy routine for lifelong wellbeing!

Special programs for Chronic Pain Management at Swakaya include: -Game specific testing, monitoring and training program formulation. -Allotment of sports discipline through modern scientific norms. -Biomechanical analysis – finding faults, correction drills. -Various stretching methods for flexibility and body realignment (skeletal muscles). -Injury prevention techniques & chiropractic adjustments for realignment and setting of the bone structure. -Modern scientific training, conduct of speed, strength and endurance for all sports disciplines. -Growth and development program for children. -Injury prevention and fitness programs for all age groups. -Correction of posture and muscular development in children, Rehab assistance for individuals with neurological disorders. -Skeletal muscle injury rehabilitation. -Pain management through alternative therapies.


“Because the meridians influence every cell in the body and pass through every organ and organ system, acupuncture provides health practitioners with an accurate and noninvasive means of determining health deficiencies, as well as a method of reestablishing balance.” – William Michael Cargile

Believed to have originated in 100BC China, Acupuncture is one of the oldest therapies used in curing ailments and pains. It involves inserting needles in your body at particular points and various depths. These are used to balance the energy of your body and, through it, cure several pains.

As the traditional Chinese theory states, the health of any human body is dependent on the harmonious balance of energies that flow inside. These energies ensure the correct flow and functioning of several body parts and your mind. Through acupuncture, your body not only allows healing but also relaxation and peace of mind.

Experts at Swakaya use this ancient technique to cure several ailments, including respiratory problems, allergies, chronic pains, and more. Proven to influence the production as well as the distribution of neurotransmitters and receptors, acupuncture is also effective in treating mild to severe psychological problems. We believe that therapy helps ensure the holistic wellbeing of our patients.