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Soul Healing Programs

Soul Healing


Like energy, ‘Soul’ too cannot be created nor destroyed! It can go through transformations and like the process of alchemy, it can be raised to be positive and pure gold!

Our health is defined by the balance in the energy and different elements in our body. This balance is defined by the harmony of our body, mind and soul. A disturbance in this harmony leads to ailments and negative energy in and around us and is generally known as a ‘dis’-eased – body or environment!.

Swakaya unveils the comprehensive healing therapies all rolled into one with the intuitivness of Master Soul-Healer, Nandini Hate-Mane! Using techniques and tools like Redikall Healing, Crystal Healing, Cosmic Energy Healing, Past Life Regression Therapy, Chakra Healing and Inner Child Healing among others.

Restoration of the balance between your mind, body and soul is facilitated through Energy Healing processes.

Experts at Swakaya diagnose the centre of your problems using Energy and Aura Reading techniques. The traditional art of Energy Healing has led various people on the path of lifelong health and peace. Through this therapy, several energy blockages in your body are also released, allowing holistic healing of a body, mind and soul.