Three Best Exercises to Lose Weight

Three Best Exercises to Lose Weight




Walking is a great exercise for weight loss.

It is easy to use and convenient for beginners. It’s also a low-impact exercise that doesn’t cause joint pain.

Harvard Health estimates that a person weighing 155 lbs (70 kg) burns approximately 167 calories each 30 minutes of moderate walking speed of 4 mph (6.4 km/h). 

In a 12-week study, 20 obese women found that walking 50-70 minutes three times per week decreased body fat and waist circumference on average by 1.5% and 1.1 inches (2.8cm) respectively.

Walking can be easily integrated into your daily life. Walking during lunch breaks, climbing stairs at work or walking with your dog are all ways to increase your daily steps.

Start by walking for 30 minutes three to four times per week. As you get more fit, you can increase the frequency and duration of your walks.

Running or jogging


Running and Jogging are great ways to lose weight.

Although they look similar, the main difference is that running is much faster than jogging (6.4-9.7km/h) and jogging is between 4-6 mph (6-9.7 km/h).

Harvard Health estimates that an individual weighing 155 lbs (70 kilos) burns 298 calories in 30 minutes of jogging at a 5 mph (8 km/h) pace or 372 calories when running at a 6 mph (9.7 km/h) speed 

Studies have shown that running and jogging can help to burn belly fat (also known as visceral fat). This fat wraps around your organs and can lead to chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.

Running and jogging are both great exercise options that you can do anywhere. You can start by jogging for 20-30 minutes three to four times per week.


Cycling is a popular activity that can improve your fitness and help you lose weight.

Many gyms and fitness centres offer stationary bikes, which allow you to ride indoors while still enjoying the outdoors.

Harvard Health estimates that an individual weighing 155 lbs (70 kilos) burns approximately 260 calories per 30-minutes of cycling on a stationary bicycle at a moderate speed, or 298 calories if they ride a bicycle at a moderate speed of 12-13.9 mph (19-22.4 km/h).

Cycling is great for weight loss. Studies have shown that those who cycle regularly are more fit, have higher insulin sensitivity and have lower risks of developing heart disease, cancer and death. It’s also a low-impact, non-weight-bearing exercise that won’t put too much strain on your joints.