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Licenced Soul Healer, Reiki Specialist, Tarot and angel Card reader, chakra and crystal Expert, Vastu Consultant, Numerologist

Zainab Khambatti, a healer and practitioner for 15 years. Zainab believes in the power of tarot and angels who help guide us through the decisions we make throughout our life journey. Through the power of Reiki, Zainab has cured numerous patients by channelling positive energies towards them. Zainab appreciates and acknowledges the soft energy around us and makes us understand the power that lies within us to heal ourselves


Zainab met her Guruji at 20 years of age and since then she has been on the journey of connecting with the universe and seeking guidance and truth from it. She is able to form personal connections with her clients which help her understand them at a deeper level and offer her compassionate healing services to everyone seeking answers to any Soul problem, be it physical, mental or spiritual problems. Our soul acts as a mediator to connect our mind and body to the transcendental universe. Zainab uses her guided meditation as an instrument to connect us to a higher realm. Zainab is also a homemaker with two children and inspires them to lead a holistic life that focuses on comprehensive well being.

Zainab Khambatti is a licenced, seasoned, and knowledgeable soul healer. She has worked with people to balance their mind, body, and spirit with intention and skill for more than 15 years, and through doing so, she has provided healing for all of their issues. Her close bonds with each of her patients have been the key to her popularity and success. People have sought her assistance for various forms of recovery, and the astounding outcomes have only served to increase their faith in her as a therapist. She is an expert in, energy healing, reiki, crystal healing, and healing using tarot and angel cards. She has the ability to read people’s energy and auras, which helps her identify the underlying causes of their difficulties. To understand a person better Zainab has also studied Numerology and Vaastu which helps her understand environmental problems and help them attract their dreams and desires.

Her expertise:

Tarot card reading: Tarot helps us understand the underlying meanings of life, so gain insight on your past, present and future by the guidance of a divine flow of energy. Angel card reading: A blend of soft energies that come together to tell you just what you need to hear connect with your guardian angel who will heal and remind you that you are not on this path of life. Chakra balancing Unblocking, healing and balancing the chakras in our body through guided meditation.

Aura cleansing It’s a methodical practise that involves using shamanic breathwork tp remove stagnant energies and emotional blockages. This allows smooth flow of energy and attracts abundance.

Crystal healing We all have different temperaments and are seeking for something different in our lives. We suggest the perfect crystals for your heaingand get you one step closer to reach your goals.

Vaastu: Vastu Shastra– an inquisitive science of architecture encapsulates the forces which act upon a given space through flow of positive energy. Through vastu she guides people to attract the right guidance

Reiki : Reiki is a type of energy healing., energy can stagnate in the body where there has been physical injury or even emotional pain. In time, these energy blocks can cause illness. Our healer thus help remove these energy blocks and help attain well being

Numerology Attract the right abundance towards yourself by the enhancement of the missing numbers from your birthday by using the power of every number to your benefit

Soul Healing at Swakaya:

Zainab brings her skillful proficiency and immense experience in Soul Healing to Swakaya. Her vision, similar to ours, is to ensure holistic wellness through natural healing for all her patients.